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It's been almost a decade since the Battle of the Bands and Sunset Shimmer has been trying to clean up the mess she made. After series of unrelated crimes, Sunset, now known as The Phoenix, may need to finally ask for help.

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  • Founder & Head Writer (aliases)
    • Malcontent (DarkMalcontent, Watchfire, Nightwatch, Psion)
  • Co-Author and Primary Proofreader
    • Alisia
  • Primary Artists
    • Moon Pearl
  • Clean-up Artist and Misc Art
    • Vacant
  • Creative Consultants
    • Darkness Void (Discourt)
    • Zap4th(Zap)
    • Trail-Grazer
  • Honorable Mentions and Contributors
    • Wubcake
    • DeannaPhantom
    • Drewdini
    • Art-2u
    • Brodoggz
    • Hanako
    • Drewdini

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