Banned from all sports in high school due to endangerment of teammates, she went on to join the city border guard, only to be drummed out for excessive reckless behavior.

Moving to Eastern ec. She worked as a thug for a time before the Canterlot Disaster occured. That night she was roughing up a poor soul who handy paid protection money when the concussion wave threw her back into an electrical substation. The substation blew her back a moment later and she awake to sizzling hair and sore muscles. 

After recovering she noticed small electrical device didn't seem to last long around her. Some basic testing showed her she like many others had been given powers from this shockwave. 

Quickly hiring herself out to gangs as a heavy enforcer she amassed more and more money until she could Strike out on her own. Now she works freelance as an assassin and chooses her jobs carefully.