A brilliant but socially awkward savant in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence, she attended Equestrian City College of Practical technology after Everton.

Excelling in her class she patented several assisted living devices that used primitive ai in them to help the elderly. Her expertise was quickly noticed by Tiara Technologies, who offered her an internship for their up and coming research and development Labs in Equestrian city.

Quickly finding a place to be left alone and develop her ideas, she gave Tiara Technologies an edge early in the meta human crisis by inventing and deploying several effective if not lethal countermeasures to the criminal elements.

Public outcry demanded less use of them resulting in the ECPD issuing a contract to be bid on for the most effective yet most non lethal means to battle the super powered elements.

The previous countermeasures were employed at several high end government areas as well as the new super max meta prison Purgatory.

At the moment she's in an arms race with diamond Labs to secure the ECPD contract with their version of power armor.