Twilight Sparkle led a relatively reclusive academic career early on. Often studying into the early hours and seldom interacting with peers, she was scoring in the top of her school by the time she applied to Everton's Independent Research Program at the age of 17, despite Dean Cadence’s reluctance on the matter.


After being accepted into Everton program she went on to change her major to Magical Theory after having narrowly escaped the explosion of The Canterlot Disaster. She became fascinated with the new magic that had begun to circle the globe, a fascination that drove her into an obsession with the subject. Working into the early hours, her peers at Everton would go on to call her Professor Midnight in part due to her study habits, and in part due to her seemingly unmatched intellect.

Eastern Empire

Being accepted on a scholarship from Sombra Institute of Higher Learning overseas in the Eastern Empire, she settled down there as she became notorious for both her pursuit of magical knowledge and her brutal means of researching it's possible applications. Many unsolved ‘accidents’ resulted in both progress in understanding magic with heavy loss of specimens and on occasion, rivals

Soon recognized by King Sombra himself, she was asked to be part of the Military program's Arcane Applications division, rising in rank to its leader. Her time was devoted to unethical experiments and research and development, even experimenting on her own dog after a while, turning him into a creature of vicious teeth and a killer mentality. Unchallenged by anyone who dare consider themselves a peer, she wielded her resources however, and against whomever, she wanted, all in the pursuit of knowledge.

She currently works in relative seclusion for King Sombra on high level test for military advancements. Turning regular ‘volunteers ‘ into weapons of war through forced injections of magic and chemicals. 

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