A division of Global Money Industries, Tiara Technologies’ CEO and Present is Diamond Tiara, Daughter of Global Money Industries’ CEO, Filthy Rich. Diversified in its endeavors, Tiara Technologies has interests in Agricultural, Military, and Industrial Manufacturing, among other fields of interest.


Upon the opening of it’s Equestrian City interests, it gained momentum and public support with it’s advancements in farming and food processing, employing many of the out of work citizens at their factories and warehouses. A further investment in a series of markets for their goods led to the company donating a great deal of money for city improvements.

The positive spin by the company continued to increase its image in the eye of the public. Despite being quite popular, the reclusive CEO, Diamond Tiara, was seldom if ever seen outside the building or her residence. All interactions came by proxy to the public by the company spokesperson, Suri Polomare.

As the influence of the company grew, so did the whispers of wrongdoing in the inner workings of the business, none of which could be proven. Rumors of mistreatment of employees and company misconduct were quickly silenced in one way or another.

Responsible for the first wave of Meta Power Defense systems, TT’s methods were brought into question by the public due to number of casualties brought on by the devices. As effective as they were, the weaponry used by citizen and police officer alike began to cause as much damage if not more to the city then the actual criminals.

A ban on all of the TT Meta Power Defense system put the company into a spiral on the stock market, leading to a restructure of the Research and Development firm. The recovery period itself was brief, the new department head hit the ground running, focusing on the public’s demand for less lethal weaponry while maintaining the need to neutralize meta criminals.
The ECPD’s lack of Meta Human Weaponry led to the city opening bidding on demonstrated Anti Meta Power Technologies. Several companies began working on solutions, but the sheer amount of resources required began to whittle down all but two companies: Tiara Technologies and Rare Innovations.