Total Wasteland is a dramatic action adventure television series set in an apocalyptic wasteland devastated after a nuclear war. It started out as a cute television series aimed to sell toys to boys but as the majority of viewers reviewed revealed both genders were watching it, the main company, HeToys, revamped it.

It changed the entire concept and had the writing team begin writing a series that had at times over the top drama and emotionally damaged characters. The entire series centers around a character named Knight whose been awoken from cyrosleep. His mission is to provide protection and help facilitate a large scale study on the viability of fertility on the irradiated surface. Hes aided in this mission by an endocrinologist and funded by a shadow organization known as the institute.

Typical of a harem anime setting, Knight is one of only a handful of fertile non feral males on the surface. Coupled by his background in engineering and his DNA is highly valuable. He runs into trouble as he is often the target of office romances that he has no interest in but is told to accommodate by his employers as part of the experiment. Eventually he runs into the issue of having too many wives and lovers, and a season long arc resolves this and all of the girls (and one male) learn to cooperate due to the extreme circumstances the world is undergoing.

This leads to a new found issue as Knight must now maintain safety for the endocrinologist, keep the vault they've renovated running, and make supply runs when needed as the institute only allows a certain stipend of material goods and wealth. Coupled with the sometimes over the top demands of his small harem, the typical fantasy of a harem is lampooned as he finds himself more and more overwhelmed with his job. As the series continued it become more explicit at times in both sensuality and violence. An arc focused on the changeling queen attempting to overtake the institute from within, requiring Knight to return and help quell an internal witch hunt.